Aspire Academy Trust
Posted on: 28/02/2022

Supporting UNICEF UK

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has prompted many of us to ask what we can do to help Ukrainians during the crisis.  As a compassionate collective of primary schools, we are morally bound to show our support for the stricken children caught up in this brutal conflict.

The Trust has chosen to support the UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK), a UK charity committed to protecting every child in danger and currently fundraising for their vital work on the ground in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries welcoming refugees.

On Friday 11th March, many Aspire academies are wearing the national flag colours of blue and yellow for the day, others are planning special assemblies and activities to raise awareness of UNICEF and their vital work helping and supporting children who can't now lead normal lives, as our children can, and must flee their homeland to seek safety.

We have set up an Aspire UNICEF/Ukraine JustGiving page for any member of our school community who wish, and are able, to make a donation.

Ever mindful of the tough economic times for our families, there is no suggested donation, if you are able to donate, then great, every single penny counts, if not then that is also fine.  Keeping the suffering families of Ukraine in our thoughts, and showing compassion, however we choose to, is in itself an act of positive citizenship.

Donations go direct to UNICEF UK via JustGiving.

Thank you.

Written by Aspire