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Digital Learning Cornwall is the EdTech research & training department of the Aspire Academy Trust. We cut through the hype and jargon to identify technologies that have genuine impact in education, including real-world implementation and practical detail.

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We are delighted to be part of the Department for Education's EdTech Demonstrator Programme.

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The programme, now in its second year, has switched away from the focus on remote learning, to the many ways that schools can modernise how they work - and enhance classroom practice - with easy-to-access, affordable technologies.


Recent & upcoming online events:

Tapestry for all staff levels and requirements

EdTech Leadership & Strategy for your School

School & MAT IT Infranstructure - Choices Forward

Microsoft Excel & Forms for school admin

Protect your School from Cyber Attacks

Explore Seesaw in context of In-Class & Blended Learning

EdTech Maths: Explore tools that have genuine impact

Google Classroom and extra tools for Blended Learning including use of video

Book Creator: Motivate & Engage both In-Class and Remotely

Book Creator for school admin and communication


Delighted to work with your setting and staff through means such as:

* Video-call consultations with key stakeholders and SLT, including 1:1 and group.

* Larger multi-attendance meetings and webinars focusing on tech areas and product overviews; plus in-depth practical applications for all school staff.

* Easily accessible online guidance materials, recordings, documentation and strategy. Click here.


With a specialist focus on primary education, our principal areas in current circumstances are:

* Choosing and using learning platforms and associated EdTech software for teaching, communication and feedback; including Google Classroom, Seesaw, Class Dojo, Tapestry, Wonde Single Sign On, Loom & Screencastify, Book Creator.

* Understanding how to deploy and manage specific curriculum-based EdTech systems that children love to use and teachers can work with remotely.

* Safeguarding considerations and options for SEND education.

* MAT-wide & school strategies for communicating to families clearly; creating and maintaining presence through use of video, social media and web-sites.

* Utilising a school’s MIS to keep parents informed and distribute information effectively. Integrating your MIS data with other school EdTech systems.

* Strategies for organising and running internal staff communications; management of documents and workflow processes. Particular emphasis on use of Microsoft 365 / Teams / SharePoint.

* Guidance on procurement and setup of equipment; planning provision for devices in-school; advising on single sign-on principles and workflows; necessarily opinionated hardware and software choices.