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Digital Learning Cornwall is the EdTech research & training department of the Aspire Academy Trust. We cut through the hype and jargon to identify technologies that have genuine impact in education, including real-world implementation and practical detail.

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We are proud to be part of the Department for Education's EdTech Demonstrator Programme.

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The programme, now in its second year, has switched away from the focus on remote learning, to the many ways that schools can modernise how they work - and enhance classroom practice - with easy-to-access, affordable technologies.


Recent & upcoming online events:

Tapestry for all staff levels and requirements

EdTech Leadership & Strategy for your school

School & MAT IT Infrastructure - choices forward

Microsoft Excel & Forms for school admin

Cyber-security for schools

Explore Seesaw in context Classroom learning and Homework

EdTech Maths: Explore tools that have genuine impact

Google Classroom and additional tools

Seneca Learning: Knowledge Retrieval In-Action

Book Creator: Classroom writing & school communication


We are now looking for further schools to work with directly over coming weeks.


As primary classroom and infrastructure specialists we can offer you:


* Exciting, OFSTED-ready teaching & learning provision across school curriculums

* A unique approach that balances tech & traditional pedagogy: the blended approach that schools and parents are looking for

* We prioritise maximum gains and understand implicitly that teaching staff tend not to be tech specialists. We know that simplicity and reliability are vital to make a true difference.

* Necessarily opinionated, face-to-face / online guidance and time-effective training

* Experienced infrastructure and move-to-the-cloud knowledge; including internet connections, filtering, networking, MIS, communications and security

* We advise within realistic and sustainable budgets - indeed our approach saves schools time and money over the short, medium and long term

We take pride in tailoring to specific school & MAT needs at speed, removing tech jargon and complexity along the way


Do plug into our services and DfE-funded opportunities while they are available.


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