Aspire Academy Trust

Aspire Core Services

Aspire Core Services provide full and centralised business and finance support for each of our academies, so our Heads of School are free to focus on what really matters, the business of teaching and learning.  The team comprises dedicated and skilled professionals within the following key areas:

Academy Improvement

Our children’s learning and development is at the heart of everything we do. With a number of leaders and specialists across a range of curriculum and school aspects, the Academy Improvement Team supports and challenges colleagues to develop their practice and provision, to ultimately deliver the best possible education.

Business Support 

The Business Support Team ensures the trust operates and maintains legal compliance, effective policy management and optimum business functionality. Its broad remit encompasses governance, ensuring all parties perform their role in accordance with the trust’s articles, funding agreements, and other relevant constitutional and regulatory frameworks; and communications, managing the everyday PR and marketing needs of the trust and its academies, including website design, content and compliance, social media, issues-led management and training requirements.


The Estates Team is responsible for the maintenance, building compliance and redevelopment projects across the trust, with its highly-skilled, trusted army of site managers.


The Finance Team provides management reports and budgeting support to Heads of Schools and is responsible for the meeting of financial regulatory requirements as a trust.  The management team is answerable to the trust's Finance Committee, senior management and external financial auditors. 

The team processes every payment made from our academies, and the core team, so our academies may deliver excellent services to our children whether that be via capital works, maintenance, education materials, ICT software/hardware, catering, training or health and safety. 

Health & Safety

The small but mighty Aspire Health & Safety team provides clear, non-complicated procedures and protocols, removing H&S bureaucracy, in order to keep Aspire staff and pupils safe and fully engaged with H&S.  They oversee the trust's quality training programmes and provide academies with the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to still be adventurous and have fun!  

HR, Payroll & Wellbeing

The HR team looks after over nearly 1,500 members of Aspire staff and is responsible for a wealth of services including staff inductions, employee benefit services, payroll, wellbeing and insurance and pension guidance. 


The IT team looks after the trust's IT ongoing maintenance, upgrades, servicing and purchasing requirements. 

Meet the Core Services Team