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National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

Logo BPNAspire Academy Trust is proud to be working with Best Practice Network (BPN) to deliver the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) to colleagues across Cornwall and the wider South West. The NPQs are a suite of qualifications accredited by the Department for Education for school leaders. 

Specialist NPQs

NPQ for Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)

  • For those who lead or aspire to lead the development of teachers in school. 

NPQ for Leading Teaching (NPQLT)

  • For those who lead or aspire to lead the teaching of a subject, year group, key stage or phase. 

NPQ for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC)

  • For those who lead or aspire to lead behaviour or pupil wellbeing. 

NPQ for Leading Literacy

  • For those who lead or aspire to lead English. 

Leadership NPQs

Senior Leadership

  • For leaders with cross-school responsibilities, or those who aspire to do this. 

Early Years Leadership

  • For those leading a nursery setting, or EYFS Leads overseeing a nursery setting, or those who aspire to. 


  • For current or aspiring Headteachers or Heads of School with responsibility for leading a school. 

Executive Leadership

  • For leaders who are or aspire to be an executive Headteacher, or who have a Trust CEO role, responsible for leading several schools.  


  • For those wishing to become an expert in SEND, replacing the previous NASENCO qualification. 

More Information

Full details for each of the NPQs, including the registration form and information on funding can be found at

The team at Best Practice Network can be contacted through the live-chat function of their website or you can send enquiries to

When applying, please ensure you select Aspire Academy Trust from the drop-down when prompted. This will help ensure your access to local delivery.

Funding Information - NPQs (Department for Education)

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