Aspire Academy Trust

Working together...

The Aspire family comprises 37 individual, vibrant local communities who are all guided by the trust vision and values (click the image for more information):

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We are also continually mindful of the needs of our extended family of educators, our primary colleagues and partners from across Cornwall, the south west and beyond.

External CPD Support

We are passionate about school improvement and not just for those schools who are part of our trust. 

We welcome colleagues and partners from across the primary sector to join a selection of our CPD across the academic year.  It's vital we share and learn together, as well as from each other.

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Digital Learning Cornwall

Digital Learning Cornwall is the EdTech research & training department of the Aspire Academy Trust. We cut through the hype and jargon to identify technologies that have genuine impact in education, including real-world implementation and practical detail.  Click on the image below for more information.

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