Aspire Academy Trust

Core Academies


Each Hub will need to be adaptable and able to accommodate and induct new academies sometimes at short notice. For this reason we have designated one academy in each Hub to be the ‘core academy’. This academy will remain a constant strength within the Hub, offering stability and will be a model of excellence for other academies to quickly become core academies.

  • Key functions of Core academies
  • Facilitate Heads of School meetings- at least one per half term
  • Facilitate the formation of the Hub Development Plan
  • Ensure meetings are focused and agendas followed
  • Help to induct new academies into Hubs, and into the Aspire Family
  • Liaise with the Hub Director

Intended Impact

The Core Academy confidently provides security and fellowship, enabling and assuring the Hub aligns well with the Aspire core principles and objectives.