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339 AC65FF60B7Janice Eddy, Aspire Character Education Lead/Head of School

Character Education across the Aspire Academy Trust is led by Connor Downs Academy, supported by the Aspire PSHE network. 

Educating for character is part of the trust's core purpose. 

Our aim is that character education is embedded in the curriculum for all schools so that we enable children to thrive and live their future lives well.

Character is a set of personal traits or dispositions that produce specific moral emotions, inform motivation and guide conduct.  

Character education includes all explicit and implicit educational activities that help young people develop positive personal strengths sometimes called virtues.  

Purposeful and meaningful education is underpinned by nurturing positive relationships and caring for mental health. This is why I so passionately believe that recognising, advocating and implementing Character Education is fundamental for the academic success and personal development and wellness of children. 

Character Education needs to be an integral part of the culture and ethos of a school setting and should be embedded in all pedagogical practice.

At Connor Downs Academy, Character Education underpins all relational experiences. It has a proven track record of promoting and valuing the development of the whole child to ensure that children understand their self-worth and the worth of others which in turn, leads to successful measurable academic attainment and progress.

The ultimate aim of character education is the development of good sense, or practical wisdom; the capacity to choose intelligently between alternatives.  

In our schools we use the Jubilee Centre definition of character being 'caught, taught and sought.'

Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue