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Posted on: 21/08/2021

Penryn Community Defibrillator

Penryn Primary Academy and its community are the proud new recipients of an automated external defibrillator (AED), thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of former pupil Bryony, the determined local spirit of Penryn Town Council and the generosity of SSE Enterprise.

PPA Defib

Pictured L-R: Mr Hitchens, Bryony, Y6 pupil

The defibrillator is sited just outside the main gate to Penryn Primary Academy and Head of School Mr James Hitchens comments, “This is a such a community asset and a vital piece of life saving equipment that every person should have access to.  As the Euro 2020 Denmark/Finland match earlier this year showed us all, anyone at any time could potentially suffer a cardiac arrest. 

While we hope it is never used, to know we have a defibrillator quite literally on our doorstep, is hugely comforting.

On behalf of the children, staff, parents and local Penryn community, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Bryony who raised an amazing £700 for a cause close to her heart, and to SSE Enterprise who then made the rest happen.”

SSE Contracting provided the unit as part of their “Supporting the Community” programme bringing added social value as one of Cornwall Councils Strategic Partners.

The AED outside Penryn Primary Academy is available to the school and the general public 24 hours a day and does not require any medical training to use.  Once the device is open, it provides voice commands to tell you exactly what you need to do. The school will be responsible for its annual costs and maintenance, and its location means it can be quickly and easily accessed by all who need it.


To increase the chance of a person surviving a heart attack or cardiac arrest, check you know what to do:  

  • Dial 999 first
  • Checking if the person is breathing
  • If not breathing, start CPR immediately
  • If more than one person with the patient, send someone to get an AED from nearby if available whilst the other person continues CPR
  • Keep performing CPR until help arrives
Written by Aspire
Written by Aspire