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Posted on: 16/10/2018

'The Lost Words' at Probus School

Last year the grandmother of three children at Probus School donated a beautiful book called ‘The Lost Words’, written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. A bestselling book, it acts as a 'spell book', conjuring back the lost, or disappearing, words of nature. 

With such literary and artistic inspiration, each year group at Probus selected a poem and spent a week engaged in seeking, finding, speaking and creating art forms around their chosen subject - be it kingfishers and bluebells, ravens or adders.  Within the curriculum, opportunities were created to engage local artists to work towards putting together a spellbinding promenade performance for the school community on Tuesday 16th October. 

DSC 0083

Sarah Waller from RIO (Real Ideas Organisation), supports the development of Arts Awards from the Arts Council England and transformed 197 children aged 4-11 years into bewitching, lithe and graceful dancers; Roger Luxton, a songwriter, discovered untapped musical abilities and volunteer artist Andrea Brooker inspired the next generation of Royal Academy applicants.

The audience journeyed through a sensory treasure trove of dance, dreams and songs and were treated to a spellbinding melody beckoning lost words back into their lives, written and produced by Maple and Oak classes.   A final poignant touch came with the opportunity to hang their own meaningful and forgotten words of nature on 'The Lost Words' tree.

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This incredible journey does not end there for Probus School.  On 5th December, the children will join the four other schools within the Aspire Trust Truro Hub - Truro Learning Academy, St Mawes Primary School, Cusgarne Primary School and Mount Hake Academy - to perform at the Royal Cornwall Museum. 

Written by Aspire
Written by Aspire