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Early Career Framework (ECF)

Logo BPNWe are working in partnership with Best Practice Network to deliver the Early Career Framework for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in the first two years of their profession. This DfE-funded programme is open to all schools in England; we deliver this programme to ECTs and mentors across Cornwall and the surrounding area. 

Schools need to register their ECT and mentor details through the DfE online service. Schools can access their DfE account and the latest information from the DfE here

Schools need to register directly with Best Practice Network as the Lead Provider selecting Aspire Academy Trust as the Training Provider to access the Full Induction Programme with us. 

What is the Early Career Development Programme?

Since September 2021, the government has been funding an entitlement for all ECTs in England to access high-quality professional development at the start of their career with a view to greater teacher support and retention.

New teachers receive developmental support and training over 2 years instead of one, underpinned by the DfE’s Early Career Framework reforms.

Go to the Best Practice Network website for more details

How much does the Early Career Development Programme cost?

The programme is funded by the DfE and freely available for all state-maintained academies and schools in England.

What does the funding provide for?

The DfE funding covers the cost of the full 2-year induction training programme for ECTs and training for their mentor, as well as: 

  • 10% time-off timetable in Year 1 and a further 5% off timetable in Year 2 for ECTs to undertake induction activities including training and mentoring
  • Funding for mentors to spend time with ECTs in their second year of induction - this is based on 20 hours of mentoring across the academic year

How do I register my ECT and ECM for the Early Career Induction Programme?

Schools access their DfE account and the latest information on registering their ECTs and ECMs here.

ECF Schools Dashboard

The Best Practice Network ECF School Dashboard is a user-friendly way for headteachers to find and view key information about their ECTs and Mentors.

To find out more about the School Dashboard please click here

All Induction Tutors (headteachers) are also granted access to the Best Practice Network Virtual Learning Environment (Canvas) which provides a detailed and interactive view of the ECT / mentor learning.

Appropriate Body 

ECTs will also need to be registered with an approved Appropriate Body (this is separate from and in addition to the ECF induction training programme). Click here for more information.  


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