Aspire Academy Trust

Our Leaders

Andrew Earnshaw - NLE

Andrew is our Director for Training, Leadership and CPD, and leads the Aspire Teaching Trust. Andrew has been a school leader for over 20 years and held Head Teacher and Executive Principal roles in a number of schools in Cornwall and London. He currently works across different regions as an NLE.

Andrew is able to support with all areas of school improvement, especially leadership.


Chris Lee - Curriculum Leadership SLE

Chris has extensive experience in leading a range of subjects including PE, English and Computing as well as leading across the Key Stage One and Key Stage Two phases.

Chris coaches and supports staff to effectively implement and monitor their subjects in order to improve outcomes for children.


Claire Jouvenat - English SLE

Claire is part of the English Core Group within the Aspire Academy Trust and is a County Writing Moderator for Key Stage Two. She has visited a number of schools in this role to support teachers with ensuring accurate assessment of pupils’ writing skills is made.

Claire feels that it is vital to encourage all (children and adults) to reach their full potential, and with outstanding leadership this is possible. 


Emily Miles - SEND SLE

Emily is a specialist in SEND and communication, currently teaching at Penryn Primary Academy in the Area Resource Base and is a member of the SLT.

Emily has considerable experience in teaching and leadership in Special Education, and she works supporting schools inside and out of the Trust.


Giles Hill - ICT SLE

Giles has considerable experience of curriculum leadership and ICT and brings a wealth of industry knowledge and skills. He has led the development of the Computing curriculum across our large MAT, with support for making best use of technology to promote learning.

Giles leads Digital Learning Cornwall, our ICT training and support programme, delivering extensive staff CPD across the county on the use of Tapestry, Chromebooks, iPads, Green-screening and much, much more. Most recently, Giles has become one of the first 20 nationally designated EdTech Demonstrators by the DfE, to support and promote the use of technology across classroom-based and blended learning.


Helen Bingham - Early Years SLE

Helen is the overall lead for Early Years lead for the Aspire Academy Trust. She has extensive experience of evaluating teaching practices and researching teaching developments, and is committed to supporting EYFS colleagues so children can receive the best ‘Foundations’ for learning and become confident lifelong learners. 

Helen leads a core team of Early Years specialists in our Trust. 


Iona Stoddard - SEND SLE

Iona has been a specialist in SEN since 2006, and in more recent years has broadened her specialist focus to include SEMH.

She works to support colleagues across settings and has been instrumental in writing a Charter Mark for SEN Standards.


Jack Walker - Maths SLE

Jack is an experienced practitioner, specialising in Maths and leadership of this core subject. He has been instrumental in embedding Maths Mastery in his own setting, and is a member of the Aspire Academy Trust Core Maths Group, leading and developing best practice across acamedies in our large MAT.

Jack has significant experience of PE leadership and development of this curriculum area, and so is able to offer support in PE also.


Kelly Davis - Maths and PSHE SLE

Kelly is a specialist in Maths, Personal, Social and Health Education, Behaviour and Discipline. She has extensive experience in leading each of these areas, and has a wealth of skills and experience to share.

Kelly has been key in developing Maths Mastery in her own academy which has shown significant impact on outcomes for pupils. She is also part of the Maths Core Group within our large MAT, developing best practice within Maths across our academies.  

Kelly leads the welfare team within her academy, coaching and mentoring others to develop their roles and capacity within school.


Kim Joyce – Maths SLE

Kim’s area of specialism is Maths. Her passion in education is driven by being able to improve the lives of others, helping colleagues become better leaders and strengthening education for children. She supports other Maths leads to develop skills and knowledge, guiding with action planning and exploring practice. Kim has particularly supported Year 6 teachers, and those who are new to Key Stage Two.


Lisa Webb – Maths SLE

Lisa has extensive experience in leading Maths, supporting colleagues in the change and development of planning and resources to reflect the different National Curriculum demands that have been introduced over the years. Lisa is a member of the Aspire Core Maths Group, providing peer support to a range of academies.


Nicola Price - English SLE

Nicola is a designated SLE for English, and has previously worked supporting other schools where she set up a supportive structure, through the setting of clear goals and objectives.

Nicola is part of the Core English Group, leading and developing best practice in English across our large MAT of primary academies. 


Rachel Warwick - NLE

Rachel is our Deputy CEO for the Aspire Academy Trust and leads across many areas, including Academy Improvement. Rachel has 20 years’ experience of working in schools and delivering school support across different settings. She has been a Headteacher and Executive Principal, as well as leading improvement across a multi-academy trust.

Rachel can offer support on all elements of school improvement and staff development.


Sarah Rowland - Maths SLE

Sarah is a specialist in maths, instrumentally leading the subject in her academy with significant impact. She supports colleagues in other settings as well as her own, guiding with PPA and supportive book looks to promote development of practice.

Sarah uses examples of her own practice to encourage teacher confidence to be reflective and develop their own practice further. She has particular knowledge of teaching maths in the Early Years and has a real enthusiasm for sharing this with others.


Shelley Beckerleg - Maths SLE

Shelley is the overall Maths Lead for the Aspire Academy Trust, leading a core team of Maths specialists within our MAT. 

She works to support school maths subject leads across our large MAT of primary academies, as well as working with other schools in the county through her role with the Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub. 

She recently led the Aspire Academy Trust's Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) Project centred on Maths Mastery, delivering improved outcomes for children across 18 project schools from three different MATs. 


Sue Cox – Leadership and English TSLE

Sue is an experienced leader across a number of Aspire schools, with further extensive leadership experience prior to joining Aspire Academy Trust. She is experienced in supporting leadership development in schools, building capacity through auditing skills and competencies and identifying individual talent.

As an AST for English, Sue has also worked intensively supporting senior leadership teams in the development of high quality English provision.


Tim Hooper - Finance and Operations TSLE

Tim is our Director of Operations, leading the support services in all Aspire’s academies. He is experienced in building capacity and strength in a Trust, and in growing teams to deliver the core services. His strengths include strategic planning and delivery and working with schools joining a Trust.

Tim has substantial experience in procuring external goods/services and running in-house support services, all with the aim of achieving best value and generating additional revenue and capacity to reinvest back into the Trust. He is also a DfE-accredited School Resource Management Advisor. 

Tim can offer support to existing Trusts and those just starting to grow and develop.


If you would like to request any help or support from our designated leaders, please contact