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What does it mean by Pro Rata Pay?

Pro Rata Pay – If you work term time only your pay will be apportioned, this means that the stated salary, based on 37 hours per week, is £20,000 per annum but you are employed term time only (43.128 Paid weeks per year) then your actual pay is: 

£20,000 * 43.128/52.14 = £16,543 which will be paid equally over twelve months 

If your hours are 20 per week and you are term time only then your actual pay will be: 

£20,000*(20/37)*(43.128/52.14) = £8,942 which will be paid over twelve months 


The ad doesn't specify hours of employment.

If only the total weekly hours are displayed on the advert please contact the school directly for the times expected to work each week.