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Courses for 2019 - 2020 below; click individual dates for further info and booking:


Interactive Boards; Make the Most of your Classroom Screen

Tues 26th November 2019; 13:00 - 15:15; Sandy Hill Academy

Tues 21st April 2020; 13:00 - 15:15; Nansledan School


Chromebooks: use across the curriculum including writing for real audiences & STEM projects

Thurs 28th November 2019; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School

Thurs 23rd April 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School


Maths with technology, including Year 4 tables tests

Thurs 23rd January 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School


Use iPads Seamlessly within Teaching

Tuesday 11th February 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School


Green Screening and Animation with iPads

Tuesday 25th February 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School


Teach Computing - Resources and Approaches

Thursday 12th March 2020; 9:15 - 15:00; Nansledan School


Tapestry for teaching assistants and early years support staff

Tues 29th October 2019; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School

Tues 3rd March 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Sandy Hill Academy

Tues 16th June 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School


Tapestry for teachers and early years managers (full day)

Thurs 31st October 2019; 9:15 - 15:00; Sandy Hill Academy

Tues 10th March 2020; 9:15 - 15:00; Sandy Hill Academy


Tapestry for senior leadership staff and SENDCOs

Tues 17th March 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Nansledan School


Tapestry end-of-year session for teachers and early years managers (morning)

Tues 2nd June 2020; 9:15 - 12:15; Sandy Hill Academy


About us:

Digital Learning Cornwall is based within the Aspire Academy Trust group of schools. Courses run from within venues in the trust, enabling us to train inside dynamic, real-world Primary settings.

We offer free and affordable training for Primary Schools looking to use educational technology in their classrooms and beyond.

CPD is hands-on and focused on how ICT can support and enhance learning, with commitment to school contexts and answering your real-world questions.

We also offer bespoke INSET and twilight sessions tailored to individual school requirements.


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