Aspire Academy Trust

Meet the Team

Mr T Hooper Operations Director


Mrs K Worth Finance Manager
Mr W Hulston Deputy Finance Manager
Mrs T Bassett Finance Officer
Mrs G Bosley Finance Officer
Mrs J Davey Finance Administrator
Mrs A Jones Finance Administrator
Mrs C Lewis Finance Administrator
Mrs N Smith Finance Administrator
Mrs C Virgo Finance Administrator
Mrs L Weedon Finance Administrator


HR & Wellbeing  
Mrs L Wright HR & Wellbeing Manager
Ms J Pender HR & Wellbeing Assistant


Governance & AIG  
Mrs V Edwards Lead Governance Officer
Mrs J Butler-Card Academy Improvement Co-ordinator
Mrs L Caust Core Services Administrator


Academy Administration  
Mrs L Howard Trust Lead Administrator/Safeguarding
Mrs J Foster Area Administration Manager (Mid)
Mrs L Hall Area Administration Manager (East)
Mrs T Thomas Area Administration Manager (West)


IT & Communications  
Mr P Bradburn Director of IT & Communications
Mr S White IT Network Area Manager
Mr M Nealons IT Network Area Manager (East)
Mr B Keast IT Technician
Mr D Smith IT Technician
Mr H Webb IT Apprentice
Mrs T Williams Communications Officer


Mr A Sneddon Estates Manager
Mrs E Brown Estates Officer
Ms N Gutridge Estates Administrator
Mr A Golley Senior Site Manager
Mr B Crompton Area Site Manager
Mr M Bray Area Site Manager
Mr J Petty Area Site Manager


Health & Safety  
Mrs J Brooks Safety & General Operations Manager
Mrs H Richardson Health & Safety Officer
Miss S Valentine Health & Safety Officer


Mrs J Wotton Aspire Group Catering Manager
Mrs S Tippett Business Support Manager