Aspire Academy Trust

Strategic Partners

This is an Aspire strategy designed to enhance the work of the Hub Councils, support the Core Academies, and to ensure consistency across the Trust.

A Strategic Partner will be linked to each Hub - this will remain constant even if some of the individual academies within the Hub change.

The Strategic Partner will provide a direct link to the Academy Improvement Group. This ensure robust accountability, provides each Hub with an experienced external view and strengthens safeguarding procedures.

Strategic Partners will use the Hub meeting agendas, minutes and Hub Improvement Plans combined with an experienced wider knowledge of the capacity and expertise available across the Trust to direct support and resources where needed. 


Core Role

  • Ensure Hub Council meetings are taking place within the correct time parameters – one per term or three per year.
  • Receive and check all agendas and minutes of Hub Council meetings.
  • Provide challenge and signpost to support to Hub Councillors as needed to ensure they remain focused tightly on school improvement and core purpose of ensuring outstanding outcomes for pupils.
  • Assist with the early identification and direction of academy improvement issues- signposting where necessary to relevant expertise, additional  capacity, training and resource.
  • Converse with the Academy Improvement Group as required to enable the Trust to be precise about where its priorities lie.


Standards and expectations will be consistently high. Experienced external support, view and challenge provided, resulting in outstanding outcomes across the Trust.