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Posted on: 03/10/2019

Riding the waves at Penryn Primary

Children from Penryn Primary Academy recently took to the beach to enjoy surfing lessons with Global Boarders Surf Company.Surfing 5

Whilst learning the signs of the sea and how to stay safe at the beach, always a hot topic in Cornwall, they also learnt surfing terms, board control and standing techniques, practicing both in and out of the water, within groups and with one-to-one instruction.

“Everybody really enjoyed the fantastic surf trip. Everyone had a huge smile on their faces and were eager to catch a wave.” Year 5 Lacey

Head of School, Mr Hitchens commented, “Being so close to the water, we want our children to understand the sea, know the dangers and how to stay safe. We feel very lucky to give our children this amazing opportunity. Our aim is to develop our children’s water confidence, build up their resilience and give them the chance to try a different sport all whilst boosting their self-esteem.”

Surfing has really given a boost to the new academic year, with the children having the opportunity to spend time with their peers and new class teachers outside of the classroom. There have been wonderful memories made, relationships strengthened and a great buzz of excitement around the whole school.

Year 6 Kianna said, “I love surfing when I caught the big waves and it took us back to shore. The wetsuits kept us really warm and cosy when we were in the sea. I loved that everybody tried to stand up and always had a smile on their face.”

Penryn Primary Academy's KS1 children will be taking part in this exciting learning opportunity in the summer term.

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