Aspire Academy Trust
Posted on: 25/02/2019

'Pop Up' classroom success

A huge thank you to the small dedicated team that has worked seven days a week on the innovative, new 'pop up' outdoor classroom at Summercourt Academy, which will allow an additional safe, supportive learning environment for small groups of children.


The unit is being handed over next week and already there is significant interest (as far away as Scotland!) suggesting it's the first of many.

Alastair Sneddon, Estates Manager for the Trust, sums things up beautifully, " It is much more than just a building.

"It is a demonstration that the estates team not only delivers for the schools, but understands their needs and uses their design and build skills, in a cost-effective way, to help sort out issues schools are struggling with.

"This will have a huge impact supporting both staff and pupils alike."


Written by Aspire