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Posted on: 25/06/2018

Aspire Lifesavers

It seems strange, and slightly surprising, that a majority of primary schools do not offer any First Aid qualifications or training to their pupils, as this normally begins only when they attend secondary school.  Step forward Janet Hawkins, the Student Council Lead at St Stephens Churchtown Academy, who approached our Health & Safety Manager, Julie Brooks, earlier this year to request a first aid training course for its Student Council. 

If you consider how many young people are carers and have saved lives by their quick-witted actions, dialling 999, this becomes an alarming gap in primary school provision.  Julie's first port of call was the Trust's First Aid provider In Safe Hands, to see if they could support us in developing this vital initiative.  They created a course called “Little Lifesavers” and St Stephens Churchtown Academy, who must be commended for trailblazing this training course, agreed to not only be the venue but for their Student Council to trial and feedback on the course's content.  

The Aspire Health & Safety team, and staff of St Stephen's, were in awe of the absolute concentration, engagement and enthusiasm of the Student Council - Toby, Gemma, Sam, Bella, Mickey, Faith, Zach, Charlie, Isabel, Aimee and Sophie - who proved hugely knowledgeable.  Led by the expert Cat Woolway of In Safe Hands, the children learned about dialling 999 on a mobile phone, recovery positions, CPR and dealing with choking incidents. The feedback was a big smiley face and a 'YEEEESSS!' to much more training.

Following the fantastic success of this course, Aspire is now offering this training to any other Student Council group who would like to become proficient First Aiders.  Please contact Julie Brooks in Core Services for more details.

Written by Aspire
Written by Aspire