Aspire Academy Trust
Posted on: 10/12/2019

Shining a light on CO2 production

Over the course of 2018/19 academic year, the Aspire Academy Trust’s Estates Team has been replacing old bulb and strip school lighting in 24 of their Cornish primary schools with LEDs, funded by a government, interest-free loan which is repaid out of savings in energy bills over 5 years at no cost to the individual school.

Aspire academies stretch from Carbis Bay in the west up to Bude and Warbstow in the north east and it is estimated that this simple swap will reduce a school's annual CO2 production by on average 6 tonnes (the average house produces 2.8 tonnes annually).

After 5 years of initially smaller cost savings while the loan is repaid, each LED lit school should then enjoy an annual saving of approximately £3,000, at today’s energy prices.  The Trust is confident that this will achieve total annual savings of 135 tonnes of CO2.

Ever mindful of its size and carbon footprint, the Aspire Estates Team is currently considering further ways to decrease the Trust’s environmental input, such as renewable energy technologies, efficient boilers, insulation and, ultimately, electric fleet vehicles.

There is a massive swell in awareness of the impact of CO2 production on our climate and the way we use our buildings has a massive impact on our energy consumption and consequently CO2 production. Now the classrooms and corridors are brilliantly, and sustainably, lit, pupils are now busy investigating further ways to reduce their schools’ carbon footprint as part of a Trust-wide EcoChallenge, which culminates in a showcase event in March 2020.

Written by Aspire